Selasa, 29 Mac 2011


*sudah berlame2 ak . tngu akhirnye dpt gak sijil uh . maybe ngn nk taip kt pc brjm2 lamenye . HAHA . tengs alot for my principal . TUAN MOHD JONED BIN MUSA that you give me that . he is my MENTOR and i is their MENTEE . that i should to do all achievement to give to him . some like flying-clour of result in my SPM 2011 , make him proud of me and also don`t make him angry with me bout my bad attitudes . i can get demerit . i think i don`t make it . I <3 my school . before i go on i must to give my school flying-clour of my result 9A SPM 2011 . AMIN . perkenankanlah

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